To Congress

 People who want to study deeper in some specific area go to university. To study efficiently, it is very important to choose University that he or she is fit for. However, Korean students cannot choose University freely. Although there are a lot of Universities in other countries, most of the Korean students cannot apply for those universities because most of the Korea high school education is only appropriate for Korean Universities. Therefore, the national assembly should change those high school education to make students able to have more choices.



To Carlton Johnson

 Hello, Johnson. I think this is the first time to send a letter by an email to someone. What I want to say is that I am really thankful for you. I was really bad at writing essays but now I improved a lot to such an extent as to get A+ at your class! I think this improvement was able because I really enjoyed learning English. Before, I thought I was really bad at English because I was always compared with my elder brother Kelvin Chae, the 13th waver who went to the department of p.p.e in Oxford University. I suffered from an inferiority complex and I got lots of stress attending English class here. However, one day, I remembered the time when I went to my grandfather’s funeral last year. He was the great general of Korea, the great father, and the great friend. Feeling love that he left in this world, I thought I will give my love in this world and contribute for better world. His love made me to realize it is too wasteful to spend limited time whining, even making others sad. From then on, attended your class happily, realizing how beautiful the world is. Your lecture made me to realize the lessom my grandfather gave. Thank you so much.

Sincerely yours.

Jennie Chae