The essay that I wrote during the first midterm test in KMLA

Factory Farming

 Whenever some foods that contain meats are in a menue in KMLA, first graders are not able to eat the foods because all the second and third graders eat all the food in a very short time, while all the vegetables are remained. Human likes eating meat, in general. Humans eat gigantic amounts of meat everyday. To provide enough meat, human raises animals in cages for mass production of meat. A firm that mass-produces meat by raising animals in small cage must be banned for several reasons. Factory farm has some moral problems; factory farm has a problem of inefficient distribution of economical resources.

 Factory farm has some moral problems. In factory farms, animals are not treated as living creatures but as products. For example, in some cow farms, cows are grown in a cage that is so small that the cws cannot move because the farms want to produce tender meat with minimum amount of muscles. Some factory farms that do not respect animals cause problem off not respecting living creatures.

 Factory farms do not use limited resources efficiently. Still, many people are starving because they do not have food. However, cows in factory farms are eating tons of corns. The amount of number who can eat food by the meat is much lesser than the number of people who can eat by those corns. By the inefficiency of re-allocation of food resources, some people are starving.

 I am the one who runs every lunch and dinner time to get meat. I understand that eating meat is favorable. However, in respect of the animals that cannot freely run on the green field for their whole life time and in consider of the people who are starving, factory farms should be forbidden.




Nothing can exist without time. The world is working by the flow of time. Time cannot be stopped or classified, it is just streaming continuously. Such systems like seconds, days, and years are just made by humans for comfort. Time is endless but of an individual it is limited. This limitation is the requisite that makes life special.

 Time cannot be neither defined nor decied by different characteristics. All the rulds and kinds of time are just made by human beings. Actually, the tiem during day and night are same. The only difference is that wheter humans on the earth can see sun or not. Even this definition is not absolute. All the humans consider the same time differently. For example, night time in Korea us day time in England. Length of day and night is different on every region Therfore, time cannot be explained absolutely.

 Lifetiem is tiem allocated to and individual. This time is limited and such feature is an element that makes life valuable. Such time is like snad in a sandglass, i decreases continuously and with a fixed quantity but it ends at some point. This end is the thing that makes time so precious and makes our life active. This end is th thing that makes living creatures to develop and improve.