THBT dating in coed boarding school should be banned.

I’ll explain about the article that I linked in this post. This article is about an underage murderer who killed his mother who tried to stop his relationship with his girl friend. It said that when juveniles are in relationship with opposite sex, they are sometimes not able to be rational and not able to control themselves. This is the main point of our arguments. Students can be not able to study well, sex problems can occur, and other students can be affected because students are not albe to control themselves well.

<my debate speech>

First, I will point out some contradictions of the opposition team. Then, I will sum up main points of this debate. The second speaker of the opposition team suggested that our first and second arguments, dating in boarding school can cause decline in academic achievement and sex problems, is totally not related with our topic. Moreover, he said that dating in boarding school does not cause any negative effect to the school atmosphere. However, our first and second arguments suggest the most critical problems that can occur when a coed school allows dating, which is very apparently related to our debate. Our team have explianed these arguments for several times before. I am really in doubt about whether the opposition team had pay attention during the debate. Also, the other assert of the second speaker that our third argument, dating in coed boarding school can create unsuitable ambience for studying, is not supported by any details except the comparison with playing ‘Daegeum’ in our school these days. However, even the only detail that was suggested cannot support his assertion because even playing ‘Daegeum’ in our school dorm room is banned because it harms our school atmosphere when 16th and 15th wavers are studying for the final test.

Now, I will sum up some main points from our debate. Our team believes that dating in coed boarding school should be banned and we suggested three arguments. First, dating in campus can cause decline in academic achievement, which is not good for themselves who date. Second, allowing dating cause a possibility of sexual intercourse of students and other following sex problems such as underage pregnancy, which is also not good for themselves. Third, dating in boarding school can also harm others who do not date by forming bad atmosphere in school. The opposition team also suggested three arguments. First, students must have freedom to date. Second, forbidding dating is excessive regulation. Third, banning dating does not really work. The opposition team tried to maintain their opinion but their arguments does not really work. First of all, freedom can be given when people redeem their responsibility. Even if dating can cause some positive effect, there are some people who cannot redeem their duty and cause serious problems that we explained. Next, the opposition team did not explained the standard of determining what is excessive and what is not. Moreover, we cannot stop enforcing what is right because it does not efficiently. Now remember, dating should be banned on campus, but not necessarily everywhere else too.


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