Does money lead to selfishness?

People often say that capitalism made this society full of selfishness and avarice. It is also said that the society without money can be with more humanity than the society with money. However, money does not lead to selfishness. This is because selfishness is the matter of greediness of human itself, not a matter of money and money is only one of the mediums of trading.

Selfishness is not caused by money, but caused by avarice of human. People with no avarice are not selfish even with a great amount of money and people with avarice are selfish even with an ignorable amount of money. For example, William H. Gates, who is the chairman of Microsoft, is held in honor for being a good man by contributing to public welfare. Even with a huge amount of money, he is not selfish at all. Selfishness is not a matter of amount of money. Selfishness is a matter of one’s own morality and greediness.

Money does not cause selfishness because money is only one of the tools of trading. Because selfishness derives from the pleasure of possessing, not from money, selfishness can occur even without money. For instance, there is one greedy man who lives in the society that trade only on the barter system, not with money. Let’s assume that there is a woman who is starving in front of him. However, he will not share his possession because he is greedy. He is still greedy and selfish even without money. Money is not the cause of selfishness because money is only a method.

Selfishness is not caused by money. The reason of selfishness is inside human itself, the greediness. Money is merely a means. Let’s not find a reason of our society’s problem from out of ourselves. The reason is in us.


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