Is Israeli attack on Iran justifiable?

Iran expanding nuclear capacity is threatening people not only of high oil price but also of nuclear war. To stop Iran’s expansion of nuclear weapons, Israeli is considering an attack on Iran. Some people like General Martin Dempsey allege that Israel is misjudging the situation. However, Israel’s attack can be justifiable and even improve this situation.

Opponents of this idea claim that the attack can delay Iran’s nuclear program but probably not solve the problem fundamentally. This is because Iran will still need to make its military power, unless its foreign relations become really peaceful. On the other hand, delaying the program is the best effort that we can do right now. Stopping Iran’s nuclear program is almost impossible and takes a lot of time, because solving all the foreign relations of Iran, the reason why Iran has to strengthen its military power, is very complicated and hard. For example, the South Korea has been struggled with the problem of North Korea’s nuclear program for more than 20 years without any military force, but such peaceful way did not solve anything. The target of the North Korea, the South Korea, still exists and the North Korea has no reason to stop making nuclear weapons. Stopping the nuclear program of Iran is impossible. Therefore, we should at least delay the program by attacking.

Those who disagree with this idea may assert that the attack cannot be justifiable because whether Iran is making the nuclear weapon of not is uncertain. Iran is keep asserting that development of nuclear weapons technology is for fueling a medical research reactor. However, Iran can use other method to fuel the reactor and the risk of letting Iran to keep develop the technology is too dangerous. Eliminating all possibilities of nuclear war before any tragic incident happen is better than regretting after the incident as the Korean adage ‘Do not fix barn after losing the cow’ says. For instance, in the very tragic case of Cheon-An vessel in Korea last year, Korean soldiers were murdered by North Korean soldiers, who were helped by foods and all the resources from the South Korea. To prevent catastrophic event and be sure of Israel people’s safety, the Israeli attack on Iran must be justifiable.

Iran is expanding its nuclear capacity and the expansion is putting whole human race into the threat of unstable economy and death. The nuclear program should be at least delayed and Israeli should be protected by putting military force on Iran. The Israeli attack must be justified.


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