Can a small group of concerned individuals have a significant impact on the world?

In today’s age of globalization, the scale of impact is larger than before to the extent to call these days as the era of change. The main agent of a great impact can be a very large group. However, a small group also can have a great impact on the world because a power to rule is usually given to a small group and an idea from few people can have a important impact.

A small group with a power can rule all the others of a large group. This is able because of hierarchy that human made in order to make their society systematic. For example, the World War 2 was started by Nazis, a very small group as compared with the whole world .All the countries had to engage in the war in order to survive. A huge number of people died, or left off. Those people were hurt not only physically, but also emotionally. Even only one people can have a great impact on the world with a great power. Therefore, a small group, which can rule others, can have a great impact on the world.

A small group can suggest an idea that can have a important impact on the world. This is because, an idea can have a great power and such great idea can be made even without many people. For instance, The Theory of General Relativity was completed by a group of theoretical physicists including Einstein. The idea had a great impact on the world. The idea changed the way humans view the worl and changed the way physicists think. The idea broke the limit that human perspective had. An idea that has an important power can be made without relationship with the number of people who made it. Therefore, a small group with a great idea can have a great impact on the world.

With a great power, even a small group can have a great effect on the world. With a great idea, even a small group can have a significant impact on the world. A small group of thoughtful individuals can influence the whole world.


Factory Farming

Factory farming, also called as CAFO(Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation), is the process of raising livestock in tightly closed cells at high stocking density, operating as a factory. Because CAFO is organized to produce the highest output at the loffwest cost, animals are confined at severely high density and they are treated with modern machinery and biotechnology. CAFOs are harmful because they harm humans, animals in the farms, and animals around the farms.

CAFOs negatively affect human health by harmful chemicals. Antibiotics and pesticides are the representative chemicals that are used in CAFOs. To stop spread of diseases, farmers use various kinds of antibiotics. These antibiotics can harm humans who eat meat of the livestock which absorbed antibiotics. Pesticides are use to control organisms and save money by preventing product losses to pests. In the US, about a quarter of pesticides are used in houses, yards, parks, golf courses, and swimming pools, and about 70% are used in agriculture. However, pesticides can make their way into consumers’ bodies which can cause health problems. One source of this is bioaccumulation in animals raised on factory farms (Miller 211–216). As livestock, during their whole life, incept huge amount antibiotics and pesticides, humans who eat such meat imbibed a lot of chemicals related to the amount of meat they eat. As human health problem is almost the most serious problem to solve, CAFOs harm humans, and therefore, CAFOs are harmful.

CAFOs harm animals in those farms. Some techniques used to sustain intensive agriculture can be cruel to animals. “In a CAFO, animals are concentrated in unnaturally high stocking rates by the thousands or tens of thousands and under unnatural conditions, often unable to breathe fresh air, see the light of day, walk outside, peck at plants or insects, scratch the earth, or eat a blade of grass.”(Daniel xiv) Animals in a CAFO do not have freedom. Life of a livestock in factory farm is absolutely ruled by humans. When they were born, they are separated from their mothers and sent to other farms for young animals. When they are raised, they are put in tightly-closed and concentrated cells, not able to move. By putting animals in small cages and feeding them high-protein food, farms produce big fat livestock with tender meat. To produce animal feed with low cost, some people use animal remains, even of the same species. When the animals die, they know that they will be slaughtered, as they starve in slaughterhouse before death for two days to make internal organs clean. Some animals like chickens are killed by copious bleeding. Their necks are slit and they are hanged upside down. Animals are abused through their whole lifetime. CAFOs are truly cruel to those animals to the extent to say that “An intensive farming is not even explained as farms but explained as a meat producing industrial factory with frameworks.” (Daniel 9) Because CAFOs harm those animals in the farms in a very cruel and inhuman way, CAFOs are harmful.

CAFOs severely harm other animals outside those farms because CAFOs pollute environment. Producing high-protein and high-energy animal feed inflicts unsustainable pressure on land. This production process pollutes soil, water, and air due to nitrogen and phosphorus both from fertilizer used for feed-crops and from manure. Also, due to the eutrophication, acidification, pesticides and herbicides, loss of biodiversity happens( For example, The World Conservation Union is now warning the world about a “global extinction crisis,” claiming nearly 40 percent of all of Earth’s species are now at the highest risk of extinction and one of the main causes is pollution from large farms. More than one third of all fish are threatened; as are just under a third of all reptiles and amphibians and 20 percent of all mammals(Rachel). Because CAFOs threat ecosystem by decreasing biodiversity and by harming other animals, CAFOs are harmful.

CAFOs harm our whole society. CAFOs harm humans, livestock, and ecosystem. Those catastrophic effects of CAFOs are the result of humans’ avarice. Humans’ ruined not only themselves, but also other innocent creatures in order to eat lots of meat and earn lots of money.





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True Love


I love you.

Not because of your appearance,

not because of your money,

not because of your nice manner.


I love you.

I love the way you smile at me.

I love the way you blink your eyes.

I love the way you pat me on the head.


I love you.

Not because you have nice qualities,

but because you are you.


Your small eyes twinkle like a star.

Your sweat voice is the twitter of a bird that tickles my ears.

Your own scent makes my mind fresh.


I love you.

Your existence itself is the reason why I love you.

Does money lead to selfishness?

People often say that capitalism made this society full of selfishness and avarice. It is also said that the society without money can be with more humanity than the society with money. However, money does not lead to selfishness. This is because selfishness is the matter of greediness of human itself, not a matter of money and money is only one of the mediums of trading.

Selfishness is not caused by money, but caused by avarice of human. People with no avarice are not selfish even with a great amount of money and people with avarice are selfish even with an ignorable amount of money. For example, William H. Gates, who is the chairman of Microsoft, is held in honor for being a good man by contributing to public welfare. Even with a huge amount of money, he is not selfish at all. Selfishness is not a matter of amount of money. Selfishness is a matter of one’s own morality and greediness.

Money does not cause selfishness because money is only one of the tools of trading. Because selfishness derives from the pleasure of possessing, not from money, selfishness can occur even without money. For instance, there is one greedy man who lives in the society that trade only on the barter system, not with money. Let’s assume that there is a woman who is starving in front of him. However, he will not share his possession because he is greedy. He is still greedy and selfish even without money. Money is not the cause of selfishness because money is only a method.

Selfishness is not caused by money. The reason of selfishness is inside human itself, the greediness. Money is merely a means. Let’s not find a reason of our society’s problem from out of ourselves. The reason is in us.

Is Israeli attack on Iran justifiable?

Iran expanding nuclear capacity is threatening people not only of high oil price but also of nuclear war. To stop Iran’s expansion of nuclear weapons, Israeli is considering an attack on Iran. Some people like General Martin Dempsey allege that Israel is misjudging the situation. However, Israel’s attack can be justifiable and even improve this situation.

Opponents of this idea claim that the attack can delay Iran’s nuclear program but probably not solve the problem fundamentally. This is because Iran will still need to make its military power, unless its foreign relations become really peaceful. On the other hand, delaying the program is the best effort that we can do right now. Stopping Iran’s nuclear program is almost impossible and takes a lot of time, because solving all the foreign relations of Iran, the reason why Iran has to strengthen its military power, is very complicated and hard. For example, the South Korea has been struggled with the problem of North Korea’s nuclear program for more than 20 years without any military force, but such peaceful way did not solve anything. The target of the North Korea, the South Korea, still exists and the North Korea has no reason to stop making nuclear weapons. Stopping the nuclear program of Iran is impossible. Therefore, we should at least delay the program by attacking.

Those who disagree with this idea may assert that the attack cannot be justifiable because whether Iran is making the nuclear weapon of not is uncertain. Iran is keep asserting that development of nuclear weapons technology is for fueling a medical research reactor. However, Iran can use other method to fuel the reactor and the risk of letting Iran to keep develop the technology is too dangerous. Eliminating all possibilities of nuclear war before any tragic incident happen is better than regretting after the incident as the Korean adage ‘Do not fix barn after losing the cow’ says. For instance, in the very tragic case of Cheon-An vessel in Korea last year, Korean soldiers were murdered by North Korean soldiers, who were helped by foods and all the resources from the South Korea. To prevent catastrophic event and be sure of Israel people’s safety, the Israeli attack on Iran must be justifiable.

Iran is expanding its nuclear capacity and the expansion is putting whole human race into the threat of unstable economy and death. The nuclear program should be at least delayed and Israeli should be protected by putting military force on Iran. The Israeli attack must be justified.

THBT dating in coed boarding school should be banned.

I’ll explain about the article that I linked in this post. This article is about an underage murderer who killed his mother who tried to stop his relationship with his girl friend. It said that when juveniles are in relationship with opposite sex, they are sometimes not able to be rational and not able to control themselves. This is the main point of our arguments. Students can be not able to study well, sex problems can occur, and other students can be affected because students are not albe to control themselves well.

<my debate speech>

First, I will point out some contradictions of the opposition team. Then, I will sum up main points of this debate. The second speaker of the opposition team suggested that our first and second arguments, dating in boarding school can cause decline in academic achievement and sex problems, is totally not related with our topic. Moreover, he said that dating in boarding school does not cause any negative effect to the school atmosphere. However, our first and second arguments suggest the most critical problems that can occur when a coed school allows dating, which is very apparently related to our debate. Our team have explianed these arguments for several times before. I am really in doubt about whether the opposition team had pay attention during the debate. Also, the other assert of the second speaker that our third argument, dating in coed boarding school can create unsuitable ambience for studying, is not supported by any details except the comparison with playing ‘Daegeum’ in our school these days. However, even the only detail that was suggested cannot support his assertion because even playing ‘Daegeum’ in our school dorm room is banned because it harms our school atmosphere when 16th and 15th wavers are studying for the final test.

Now, I will sum up some main points from our debate. Our team believes that dating in coed boarding school should be banned and we suggested three arguments. First, dating in campus can cause decline in academic achievement, which is not good for themselves who date. Second, allowing dating cause a possibility of sexual intercourse of students and other following sex problems such as underage pregnancy, which is also not good for themselves. Third, dating in boarding school can also harm others who do not date by forming bad atmosphere in school. The opposition team also suggested three arguments. First, students must have freedom to date. Second, forbidding dating is excessive regulation. Third, banning dating does not really work. The opposition team tried to maintain their opinion but their arguments does not really work. First of all, freedom can be given when people redeem their responsibility. Even if dating can cause some positive effect, there are some people who cannot redeem their duty and cause serious problems that we explained. Next, the opposition team did not explained the standard of determining what is excessive and what is not. Moreover, we cannot stop enforcing what is right because it does not efficiently. Now remember, dating should be banned on campus, but not necessarily everywhere else too.

Housekeepers in Danger

A disequilibrium of discriminating domestic workers caused by lack of protection of their human rights and lack of understanding. In Singapore, nine maids have fallen to their deaths while cleaning highrises, standing on a stool while hanging on their laundry outside window or while cleaning window. From 2000 to 2012, 75 maids dead by such accidents. In the news that is linked in this post, as the picture shows, a maid was rescued by a ladderman because she tried to escape from her employer on 15th floor by a window. Those incidents happen because of harsh employers who pay little amount of money and mistreate maids by providing little amount of food and force maids to do harsh works. The government should ban dangerous works of domestic workers and protect their rights.

The essay that I wrote during the first midterm test in KMLA

Factory Farming

 Whenever some foods that contain meats are in a menue in KMLA, first graders are not able to eat the foods because all the second and third graders eat all the food in a very short time, while all the vegetables are remained. Human likes eating meat, in general. Humans eat gigantic amounts of meat everyday. To provide enough meat, human raises animals in cages for mass production of meat. A firm that mass-produces meat by raising animals in small cage must be banned for several reasons. Factory farm has some moral problems; factory farm has a problem of inefficient distribution of economical resources.

 Factory farm has some moral problems. In factory farms, animals are not treated as living creatures but as products. For example, in some cow farms, cows are grown in a cage that is so small that the cws cannot move because the farms want to produce tender meat with minimum amount of muscles. Some factory farms that do not respect animals cause problem off not respecting living creatures.

 Factory farms do not use limited resources efficiently. Still, many people are starving because they do not have food. However, cows in factory farms are eating tons of corns. The amount of number who can eat food by the meat is much lesser than the number of people who can eat by those corns. By the inefficiency of re-allocation of food resources, some people are starving.

 I am the one who runs every lunch and dinner time to get meat. I understand that eating meat is favorable. However, in respect of the animals that cannot freely run on the green field for their whole life time and in consider of the people who are starving, factory farms should be forbidden.



Nothing can exist without time. The world is working by the flow of time. Time cannot be stopped or classified, it is just streaming continuously. Such systems like seconds, days, and years are just made by humans for comfort. Time is endless but of an individual it is limited. This limitation is the requisite that makes life special.

 Time cannot be neither defined nor decied by different characteristics. All the rulds and kinds of time are just made by human beings. Actually, the tiem during day and night are same. The only difference is that wheter humans on the earth can see sun or not. Even this definition is not absolute. All the humans consider the same time differently. For example, night time in Korea us day time in England. Length of day and night is different on every region Therfore, time cannot be explained absolutely.

 Lifetiem is tiem allocated to and individual. This time is limited and such feature is an element that makes life valuable. Such time is like snad in a sandglass, i decreases continuously and with a fixed quantity but it ends at some point. This end is the thing that makes time so precious and makes our life active. This end is th thing that makes living creatures to develop and improve.

To Congress

 People who want to study deeper in some specific area go to university. To study efficiently, it is very important to choose University that he or she is fit for. However, Korean students cannot choose University freely. Although there are a lot of Universities in other countries, most of the Korean students cannot apply for those universities because most of the Korea high school education is only appropriate for Korean Universities. Therefore, the national assembly should change those high school education to make students able to have more choices.