To Carlton Johnson

 Hello, Johnson. I think this is the first time to send a letter by an email to someone. What I want to say is that I am really thankful for you. I was really bad at writing essays but now I improved a lot to such an extent as to get A+ at your class! I think this improvement was able because I really enjoyed learning English. Before, I thought I was really bad at English because I was always compared with my elder brother Kelvin Chae, the 13th waver who went to the department of p.p.e in Oxford University. I suffered from an inferiority complex and I got lots of stress attending English class here. However, one day, I remembered the time when I went to my grandfather’s funeral last year. He was the great general of Korea, the great father, and the great friend. Feeling love that he left in this world, I thought I will give my love in this world and contribute for better world. His love made me to realize it is too wasteful to spend limited time whining, even making others sad. From then on, attended your class happily, realizing how beautiful the world is. Your lecture made me to realize the lessom my grandfather gave. Thank you so much.

Sincerely yours.

Jennie Chae



Actions on Syria

 People who live in Syria are having a very hard time these days. Almost 70% to 80% of the whole nation are trying to drag Al-Assad, the dictator, down. However, Al-Assad attacked those unarmed people who gathered peacefully. They are dying, injured and starved. Therefore, some nations are assisting that other nations should rescue the innocent people in Syria by attacking the government of Syria.  However, unfortunately, other nations  intervening in Syria situation now cannot be absolutely justified. Not enough information of the opposition is known yet; many people are still supporting Al-Assad.

 Enough information of the opposition is not provided yet. Other nations are not well informed about the oppositions of Syria related to those of Lybia. The oppositions of Lybia was clearly well united. They operated out of a large base of Benghazi. In contrast, rebels of Syria are known as not having any bastion. Even if other nations help the opposition, it is not worthful to help wrong opposition. For example, even if other countries help the opposition, not united opposition will be not able to solve the problem at Syria. In other case, the opposition can be the group of another dictators. Which means that the current problem at Syria will happen again. Because it is hard to identify whether it is valuable to help the opposition now, other countries cannot engage in the situation yet.

 Plenty of the Syrian population, 20% to 30%, are still supporting Al-Assad. If other countries engage in this war and attack Al-Assad, then they are also fighting against those innocent citizens. This means that the intervention infringes those people’s right. For instance, most of the supporters are Sunni Muslims who knows that they will be not safe if the rebels consist of Christians and Alawites win the war. Let’s say that the UN fought against Al-Assad and won the war and Sunni Muslims are damaged by that as they were worried about. This cannot be justified. Because the Syria situation can be explained by war inside the country and the supporters of Al-Assad have their right, other nations cannot engage in their situation.

 The situation of Syria is very serious. People are all dying and they are injured. Helping people dying out is apparently right thing. However, people should consider the background of the situation and be sure that helping will really help all the people in a right way before helping them. As the world is becoming smaller and smaller in the global age, events that happened inside a country is not the only problem of that country. Therefore nations should make rational resolution for these kind of situations.

Hello world!

蔡 周 娟(채 주 연, Joo Yeon Chae)

[Beautiful in various features]


Oh, look at that fruit!

How beautiful it is!

But inside, it has a poison.

Hurting living creatures.


Oh, look at that rose!

How beautiful it is!

But on its stem, it has thorns.

Not letting others to be happy by its fragrance.


Oh look at that horse!

How beautiful it is!

But inside, it has no wisdom.

Using its power inefficiently.


Oh, the true beauty!

How beautiful it is!

Helping others,

opening one’s heart to the world,

with eyes full of wisdom.

How beautiful she is!